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Established in 1986 Atul Enterprises is one of the leading Distributors for Connectors & Cables with ready stock at your disposal. Atul enterprises has served its customers with the best quality of goods and services. We strive hard on a day to day basis to keep our customers one step ahead by providing them with industry’s best knowledge and latest technological products at a competitive price. Atul enterprises continues to remain as one of the leading Distributor and supplier of Connectors with complete focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Our company is driven by passion and is ready to adapt to new market and pursue all the challenges. We have been distributing high quality cable and connectors all over India at very competitive prices since past 20 years, and this has made Atul enterprises a preferred supplier to various industries. This has helped us in developing a strong relationship with all our major vendors for Connectors & Cables. We promise to give you same service in the years to come.


We at Atul enterprises believes that the environment is one of the most important thing in today’s world, and the protection of our eco system is in our own hands hence we recommend our customers with the most efficient products that do not affect the environment and for supporting that cause, we provide solutions towards renewable energies like the wind & the solar power. We believe that our small contribution towards protecting the environment can help the coming generation. We also believe that people's safety is of prime importance and this belief is reflected in our products.

Markets Product


We are one of the leaders in supply of high- quality connectors and cables for military and harsh environment applications. We provide a huge product line for military specification connectors. They are basically used in radar, communications, ordnance, missiles, engines, ground vehicles and tanks.


We provide Reliable harsh-duty connectors for various industries that are designed and engineered to provide long-term reliable performance and easy installation. They are basically used in CNC machines, robotics, servo drives, light and sound industry, high performance automation, welding equipments, laboratory equipment, power plant and natural resource exploration.

Data Center

Our products give easy integration between server, network and storage and they are faster, smaller and more efficient which gives you a competitive edge in this ever growing market. Their applications include server, storage systems, modems, hub, routers, media display systems, internet appliances.


We offer a wide range of connectors and cables for railway engines of different origins. The applications basically include engine control systems, critical braking systems, safety systems, signaling systems, communication systems and air-conditioning systems.

Mobile Networks

Our Mobile network solutions and other telecommunications solution for various industries and specialty markets basically includes Radio frequency connectors, power and fiber optic connector, power distribution system, antennas, and their applications basically includes mobile network towers, radio links, mobile switches, cell site antenna system, switches, wireless router combiner, filters and amplifiers, transceivers.

Commercial Vehicles

Our connectors are ruggedized connectors that meet stringent requirements and ratings because the commercial vehicle market consistently requires stronger defenses against hazards such as temperature, vibration, and exposure to moisture or chemicals, all of which can cause failure. Their application basically includes communication, navigation, engine control, sensor, actuator, and auxiliary motor.

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